2 questions to optimise your learning

“The quality of your questions determine the quality of your life” – Anthony Robbins Throughout my school life, I wanted people to think of me as the smart guy who spent the least time studying while still beating everyone else. So I spent a lot of time trying to make myself smarter, learn faster and

What kind of success in school do you want?

Before I start a semester, I always envision making friends with everyone in class. Scoring 93 marks for my finals like I was still in primary 2. Leading projects and being the “alpha male” and feeling awesome. Then the semester starts and reality sinks in. I fall back into my old pattern and nothing changes. I feel miserable and

How to know you have mastered a concept

I was confident. I had done every practice paper I could get my hands on, though most had no answers. I stepped into the exam hall ready to collect my A+. I flipped the exam script to the first question. Hmm, seems quite tricky and foreign, maybe I’ll move to the next one and come back later. I

How to speak up in class

How does one speak up in class? It is simple. Open your mouth and say the words. It is easy to someone who is looking from the outside, who doesn’t have the problem. It’s inexplicably hard for the student who has never uttered a word in class before. Every time they feel like voicing their thoughts,