Our Story - Academic Apex

Academic Apex (AA) was first started by two then-undergraduates from SMU as a side project to help fellow undergraduates understand difficult concepts from a multitude of Business and Accounting modules, and at the same time, get even better at these academic concepts themselves through teaching.

After graduating with honours from the Class of 2013 from SMU Lee Kong Chian School of Business and School of Accountancy, they wanted to be able to use this knowledge to help any university undergraduate in Singapore who seek it.

Pursuing a degree (or double degree) in Singapore can be stressful and hectic. There’s a whole lot of new knowledge to take in, and it doesn’t help that the semester term is so short. We know because we’ve been there before.

Yes, it can get overwhelming. Really, it is indeed a feat to absorb all these new concepts and course materials in a short 12-week span, juggle 4 – 5 whole modules at that, meet a truckload of project deadlines, excel in quizzes and finals… And the list goes on.

And you may find yourself wishing you could use some help to understand concepts a little faster, to get a quick crash course before taking that exam, or guide you along more intensively if you’re struggling with that particular module.

So we’re here. Talk to us and we promise to see how we can best help.